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Scripps graduate student Margaret Lindeman. Photo: Alex Hager

Scripps Student Spotlight: Margaret Lindeman
Oceanography graduate student is studying ice-ocean interactions in Greenland’s fjords

SCMA co-director Tom Levy surveys the wreckage of a 4th Century BC shipwreck off Cyprus at more than 43 meters (140 feet) deep.

Research Highlight: New Scripps Center for Marine Archaeology Seeks Answers to the End of Civilizations
Ancient shorelines could hold answers to human migration in Mediterranean

Scripps postdoctoral researcher Yassir Eddebbar (center) speaks at a panel discussion at COP24 climate talks in Katowice, Poland

Photo of the Week: Taking the Word to COP24
International climate talks draw more than 30 from UC system

Catsharks and cusk eels on Gulf of California seafloor where oxygen levels are as little as three percent of those at surface

Research Highlight: In Waters Nearly Oxygen-Free, Researchers Find Thriving Fish Populations
Scripps and MBARI researchers discover high numbers of two fish species in nearly anoxic region of Gulf of California

Geologist Emily Chin

A Scientist’s Life: Emily Chin
Geologist uses surface rocks to understand what’s happening miles within Earth’s interior