Research Vessels

R/V Roger Revelle

R/V Roger Revelle

Global-Class, general-purpose research vessel capable of long-duration missions in extreme environments worldwide.

AGOR 28 bow rendering

R/V Sally Ride

Ocean-Class, general-purpose research vessel.

 R/V Robert Gordon Sproul

 R/V Robert Gordon Sproul

Regional general-purpose research vessel serves research and education missions offshore California and the US West Coast.

Research Platform FLIP


The Floating Instrument Platform is a 355-foot-long manned spar buoy designed as a stable research platform for oceanographic research.

R/V Bob and Betty Beyster

The Research Vessel Bob and Betty Beyster is a purpose-built coastal research vessel designed for efficient operations offshore Southern California and throughout the Channel Islands. 

R/V Melville

Emeritus vessel: R/V Melville

After a distinguished 45-year service life, R/V Melville was retired from the US Academic Research Fleet following her final cruise in September, 2014.

Emeritus vessel: R/V New Horizon

Intermediate-Class, general-purpose research vessel capable of working throughout the Pacific Ocean.