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A "film" drop (red) and "jet" drop (blue) from bursting bubble filmed 8 milliseconds apart. Photo illustration: Dale Stokes

Differences in Sea Spray Particle Chemistry Linked to Formation Processes of Drops by Bubbles in Breaking Waves
Sea spray aerosols which seed clouds over three-fourths of the earth are formed by “film” or “jet” droplets; exposing chemical distinction could improve climate models

Number of days in Jan. 2016 surface melt was detected from passive microwave satellite observations. Image: Julien Nicolas/OSU

Scientists Report Large-Scale Surface Melting Event in Antarctica during 2015-16 El Niño
An ice sheet surface twice the size of California melted in one summer in what could become a regular occurrence

Fish Love Songs May Help Protect Them From Overfishing, Study Finds
Researchers develop new acoustic method to monitor health of fisheries

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Obituary Notice: James (Jim) Stewart, Pioneering Diving Officer
Associated with Scripps since the 1950s, Stewart revolutionized scientific diving programs

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