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Ellen Browning Scripps

Ellen Browning Scripps

In 1903, members of the Scripps family and other community leaders chartered the Marine Biological Association of San Diego, building its first laboratory in La Jolla in 1905.

The marine lab was renamed the Scripps Institution for Biological Research and became part of the University of California in 1912. The UC Regents changed the name to Scripps Institution of Oceanography in 1925 in recognition of the breadth of research underway at the institution.

In 1960, the university established a San Diego campus and Scripps became part of the University of California San Diego.

Since its founding, Scripps Oceanography has expanded its scope to include studies of the physics, chemistry, geology, biology, and climate of the earth. Hundreds of research programs are underway today in a wide range of scientific areas on every continent and in every ocean.

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Scripps Oceanography History Website

This supplementary site contains more than 1,000 Scripps-related historical materials not previously made available online. When retired Scripps librarian Peter Brueggeman approached Vice Chancellor Margaret Leinen with the idea that he take on a special project to put these items on a Scripps server, catalog them with metadata, and add additional Scripps historical materials, she happily agreed. These historical items—video clips, audio files, documents, and images—are made accessible to both the Scripps community and general public. More materials are being added with time.


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Scripps Institution of Oceanography Photographs

Over 14,000 historic Scripps Oceanography photos from the UC San Diego Library's Scripps Oceanography archives. Use the search box at right to search names, ships, expeditions, etc.

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Scripps Institution of Oceanography Archives

To access Scripps manuscripts and other archives visit the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Archives.

Oceanography and Marine Science manuscripts/papers

Files and papers from Scripps and other marine scientists, held in the UC San Diego Library Special Collections and Archives.