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Special CASPO Seminar: Jiabao Wang, "Understanding tropical-midlatitude interactions: dynamical processes, future change, and subseasonal predictability"

05/19/2020 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
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Event Description: 

Mrs. Jiabao Wang

Stony Brook University

Abstract. Tropical convections can produce remote impacts on midlatitude weather events such as
precipitation extremes and heat waves. These tropical-midlatitude interactions are
particularly important to be accurately simulated and predicted on subseasonal timescales
(~ 2 weeks to 2 months) since many management decisions in water resource, agriculture
and food security, and disaster risk reduction, fall within this time range. The Madden-
Julian oscillation (MJO) is a unique type of organized tropical moisture convection on
subseasonal timescales. It is recognized as an important source of subseasonal
predictability for midlatitude weather phenomena. However, there has been a lack of a
consistent framework to understand the complex mechanisms behind the MJO-
midlatitude interactions. This prevents the improvements of subseasonal prediction skills
to reach their theoretical predictability.

We developed a consistent framework to perform characteristic and dynamical
diagnostics on the midlatitude circulation patterns generated by the MJO convection (i.e.,
MJO teleconnections). In this talk, application of these diagnostics to CMIP5, CMIP6,
and Subseasonal to Seasonal (S2S) projects’ reforecast models will be presented. The
results will be used to understand the importance of the MJO and basic state in
modulating MJO teleconnections and how they affect model simulations, future changes,
and prediction skills of MJO teleconnections.

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