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MB Seminar: Dr. Nina Bednarsek (Southern California Coastal Water Research Project)

02/07/2020 - 12:15pm
Hubbs Hall 4500
Event Description: 

Marine Biology Seminar: Dr. Nina Bednarsek (Southern California Coastal Water Research Project)

"Multi-faceted data integration for more accurate assessment of biological vulnerability under global climate change"

Abstract: The negative effects of climate change in the Eastern North Pacific are rapidly intensifying with respect to ocean acidification, oxygen decline, warming and extreme events, resulting in a decline of suitable habitat conditions for more vulnerable marine species. In fact, in situ effects on ecologically and economically important marine calcifiers, such as pteropods and Dungeness crabs, are already observable in the coastal and estuarine waters. This talk explores the drivers and mechanisms behind the observed negative biological effects and provides insights on how such changes are detectable and attributed to human-made CO2 emissions.  I will show the approach of multi-faceted data integration that includes the combination of physical-chemical habitat characterization with in situ and experimental biological responses, interpreted within the context of species life history and genetic structure, phenotypic plasticity, and spatial connectivity. I will discuss the steps needed towards a more accurate assessment of biological vulnerability across various spatial scales under interactive effects of multiple stressors. 

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