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CASPO Seminar: Andrea Jenney

01/29/2020 - 3:30pm
Nierenberg Hall 101
Event Description: 

Weekly CASPO Seminar: Join us in Nierenberg 101 every Wednesday at 3:30 pm to hear about the latest and greatest in Climate, Atmospheric Sciences, and Physical Oceanography


Andrea Jenney (CSU) will be presenting a talk titled "Understanding changes to storms in the tropics and their impact on the global circulation in a warmer climate."

Storms in the tropics play an important role in the large-scale circulation of the global atmosphere. For example, much of the predictability of weather in the extended time range of 10 days to a few weeks comes from large, organized storms in the tropics and the atmospheric planetary waves excited by these storms. 
Simple thermodynamic arguments have been used to suggest that both the mean tropical circulation and the amount of mass moving vertically through storms in the tropics will weaken with global warming. This has important implications for the global circulation, and may contribute to a weakening of the tropical impact on the extratropics. A possible consequence is a reduction in our ability to predict weather in the extratropics at extended timescales. 
In this talk, I will revisit the theory that predicts a weakening of tropical convective mass fluxes with warming, and will draw attention to the importance of vertical motion in the spaces between convecting clouds. Results from a hierarchy of global, convection permitting "superparameterized" simulations will be presented. We will discuss these results and their importance for understanding how the influence of the tropics on weather in the extratropics may change in a future climate. 

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