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Magnetic survey and autonomous target reacquisition with a scalar magnetometer on a small AUV

TitleMagnetic survey and autonomous target reacquisition with a scalar magnetometer on a small AUV
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsGallimore E., Terrill E, Pietruszka A., Gee J., Nager A., Hess R.
Date Published2020/04
Type of ArticleArticle; Early Access
ISBN Number1556-4959
Accession NumberWOS:000529754000001
Keywordsexploration; gradiometer; Marine robotics; robot teaming; Robotics; underwater robotics

A scalar magnetometer payload has been developed and integrated into a two-man portable autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) for geophysical and archeological surveys. The compact system collects data from a Geometrics microfabricated atomic magnetometer, a total-field atomic magnetometer. Data from the sensor is both stored for post-processing and made available to an onboard autonomy engine for real-time sense and react behaviors. This system has been characterized both in controlled laboratory conditions and at sea to determine its performance limits. Methodologies for processing the magnetometer data to correct for interference and error introduced by the AUV platform were developed to improve sensing performance. When conducting seabed surveys, detection, and characterization of targets of interest are performed in real-time aboard the AUV. This system is used to drive both single- and multiple-vehicle autonomous target reacquisition behaviors. The combination of on-board target detection and autonomous reacquire capability is found to increase the effective survey coverage rate of the AUV-based magnetic sensing system.

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