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Enhance Your Innovation Capacity: Fellowships, Internships, and Education

Scripps's new MESOM laboratory building.

Scripps's new MESOM laboratory building.

The ability to interpret new data and apply the findings effectively, or to implement an innovation profitably, assumes an organizational capacity to assimilate new knowledge and translate research into practice. A corporation’s capacity to innovate requires effective learning, and training, especially when it comes to the transfer of insights and know-how from scientific institutions and the adroit use of experimental, complex and expensive methods and technologies.

Sponsoring a research project and/or licensing a patented innovation without investing in adequate scientific training, and practical mentoring in the use of the technology, often leads to an inefficient transfer of technical know-how and diminishes the potential impact of an innovation for a firm.  Internships and fellowships can contribute to the fruition of an R&D-based relationship, especially when the individuals involved are able to integrate education and training in a manner that enhances their productivity.

Scripps offers a broad range of options to incorporate training and education as an integral aspect of collaboration. In the context of a research project, scientists, technical staff, and other direct collaborators are often hosted by individual investigators or research groups.  For those in need of more specialized training and foundational knowledge for an emerging industry in which Scripps scientists are spearheading innovation, such as algae-based biofuels, several graduate certificates are available through UC San Diego Extension, the professional and continuing education division of the University. 

Please take a moment to glance at the breadth of courses taught by Scripps faculty and range of options that could be combined to design a personalized fellowship at Scripps/UC San Diego for industry scientists and engineers, project managers, entrepreneurs, and other executives engaged in collaboration with a member of the Scripps academic community.


REAL Opportunity

UC San Diego's Research Experience & Applied Learning (REAL) Portal offers research, internship, international, service learning, entrepreneurial, leadership, and other co-curricular opportunities that help students build real-world skills by applying knowledge gained in the classroom.  The REAL Portal provides students with access to part-time jobs, internships, research mentorships, and more, posted by faculty and external partners.  Interested students, faculty, and industry partners can learn more about posting and searching REAL Opportunities here:


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