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Scripps Technical Forum - 2G Robotics

05/22/2020 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
8610 Kennel Way La Jolla, CA 92037, US
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LOCATION: Virtual - RSVP to receive link to attend
DATE: May 22, 2020
TIME: 12-1PM (Presentation)

Innovation continues to transform the state of subsea investigation, inspiring the development of new technologies for increased efficiency of oceanographic operations. Underwater laser scanning is a mature technology that is increasingly being used for underwater exploration. This innovative technology has improved the accuracy, precision, and cost efficiency of subsea survey, inspection, and research operations. The sub-centimetric resolution of the 3D models generated by the systems enables high-precision measurements to be obtained for the comprehensive assessment of subsea environments. These 3D models function as detailed dimensional records and provide an accurate baseline from which to analyze changes in an environment over time. The high sample rate of the systems also improves cost efficiency since it allows for faster vehicle traversal, which increases inspection speeds and reduces operational time. Through an examination of the technical innovation behind the ULS-500 PRO as well as the results from field trials, this presentation will address how underwater laser scanning can improve the ways in which subsea research is conducted. Building on the success of the ULS-500 and ULS-500 Pro for survey from large vehicles, 2G Robotics developed the ULS-500 Micro for integration with smaller AUVs and ROVs.

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