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Geophysics seminar: Sebastien Merkel (Université de Lille) "Phase transitions in the lowermost mantle : effect on microstructures, seismics reflections, and dynamics."

02/11/2020 - 12:00pm
Munk Conference Room
Event Description: 

Talk Abstract:

The Earth's D'' layer, 200 km above the core-mantle boundary, is 
heterogeneous, anisotropic, and acts as a boundary layer for mantle 
convection. Seismic reflections in D'' have been interpreted as the 
result of a solid-state phase change and, most frequently, attributed to 
the transition of the main lower mantle mineral bridgmanite from a 
perovskite (Pv) to a post-perovskite (pPv) structure. In this 
presentation, I will look at the Pv-pPv phase boundary, the kinetics of 
the transformation, and the microtructures it induces, and how these 
constrains from mineral physics can inform us on the physical 
properties, dynamics, and seismic observations of D''.

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