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Faculty candidate seminar - Remington Poulin

01/21/2020 - 1:30pm
Eckart 227
Event Description: 

Marine Natural Products and Chemical Biology  (joint hire with SSPPS)

DATE:          January 21st, Tuesday, 1:30 p.m.  

LOCATION:     Eckart 227 (a chalk talk will be held 1/22 at noon in the Pharmaceutical Science Building HSEC #1)

SPEAKER:      Remington Poulin
            Friedrich Schiller University Jena 
TITLE:  Understanding the nature and role of waterborne cues in the marine environment by combining metabolomics and bioassay investigations.      



Understanding how organisms conduct intraspecific interactions, interspecific interactions, or interact with the environment has been a central theme of ecology for centuries. Each interaction is predicated by the ability of an individual to detect mates, nutrients, resources, predators, or competitors, and detection therefore is vital to the individual’s survival. Some organisms, such as those in the marine environment, rely heavily on waterborne cues. In addition to their functions regarding detection, waterborne cues are also importantly involved in competition interactions, and despite decades of dedicated research, we still know little about the chemical nature of waterborne cues or the physiological and molecular effects that they confer onto the individuals that receive them. In the current seminar I will discuss state-of-the-art mulit-platform metabolomics techniques used to identify one of the first described waterborne risk perception cues and secondly the physiological responses of phytoplankton exposed to the exuded metabolites of competitors (allelopathy). I will also discuss the future role of ecology and chemical biology in driving pharmaceutical investigations of marine natural products. 

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