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CASPO Seminar: TBD

02/05/2020 - 3:30pm
Nierenberg Hall 101
Event Description: 

Weekly CASPO Seminar: Join us in Nierenberg 101 every Wednesday at 3:30 pm to hear about the latest and greatest in Climate, Atmospheric Sciences, and Physical Oceanography


Rob Pinkel (SIO) will present a talk titled "Sheets, layers, and a Poisson clue to the energy cascade in the thermocline"



The irregular nature of density profiles in the open-ocean thermocline results primarily from the vertical displacement of small scale internal waves. The vertical straining of these waves is governed by Poisson statistics. When a Poisson random walk model is used to generate thermocline structure, predictions of second order quantities such as the strain covariance and spectrum can be used to link the existing GM model of the internal wavefield to all higher order moments of the process. There is evidence that the single Poisson constant that describes these many behaviors is linked to the Ozmidov scale of the intermittent overturning events at the end of the energy cascade. This non-Gaussian behavior is linked to the non-sinusoidal vertical waveform of small scale waves, whose propagation is modulated by both near-inertial shear and the tidal straining of the thermocline.


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