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Institutional Seminar

11/21/2019 - 12:00pm
8610 Kennel Way La Jolla, CA 92037, US
Event Description: 

Institutional Seminar Series

Thursday, November 21
Scripps Seaside Forum Auditorium

11:30 a.m. Pizza will be served
12:00 p.m. Talks begin 

While single-use cups and plates will be available, we are asking everyone to bring their own reuseable items.*

Dovi Kacev - one fish two fish small fish huge fish

Using molecular tools to study populations of pelagic sharks and larval fishes.

Julia Diaz - How stressed is the ocean?  Exploring marine ecosystem health at the intersection of microbiology and geochemistry

From plankton to people, every living thing experiences stress.  Stress often carries a negative connotation, but psychologists have shown that people can become healthier by believing that stress is helpful.  Similarly, microbes in the ocean experience stress in order to adapt to challenging environmental conditions.  My lab studies how marine microorganisms interact with their geochemical environment through diverse stress responses in order to cope with large-scale anthropogenic disturbances.  In this way, our results reveal how the oceans may evolve during this time of profound global change.  A key aspect of this work involves the discovery of previously unrecognized enzymes, or biological catalysts, which form the basis of microbial stress responses.
*The University of California system is committed to going zero waste by 2020, and we’re already diverting 69% of our solid waste from landfills system wide. UC San Diego needs everyone to pitch in with waste reductions efforts.  Bring your own plate and cup to the Institutional Seminar instead of using single-use items. #MyLastTrash
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