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GS/MCG Seminar: Nicolas Barth

10/07/2019 - 1:00pm
Hubbs 4500
Event Description: 

Please join us for a talk from UCR's Nicolas Barth titled "Someone Else's Fault!". The abstract is as follows:

"New Zealand’s Alpine Fault is a fast slipping (30mm/yr) active continental strike-slip fault that exhibits remarkably maturity: it has >460 km of offset, the world’s most regularly recurring earthquake record, and for much of its length exists as a single through-going fault plane. This talk will encompass recent efforts to improve the understanding of California's sister plate boundary. Topics covered include next generation paleoseismology, utilizing lidar data to reveal surface rupture distribution and slip partitioning, exploiting a unique regional 8km strike-slip offset to determine high-precision fault slip rates, assessing the role very large landslides play on Alpine Fault seismic hazard, and numerical simulation of the fault to constrain controls on earthquake behavior. Throughout the talk comparisons will be drawn to the San Andreas Fault System, highlighting what the comparatively simple Alpine Fault can possibly tell us about our messy, complex world in California."

Coffee will be provided!

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