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Course Syllabi 2017-2019

This is a collection of Scripps course syllabi.  The syllabi are archived by academic year.  Each syllabus is saved under the format (term offered_instructor).  Please note that not all courses are taught on an annual basis.

For course descriptions, either click on the course number or visit the UCSD Catalog.

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Graduate courses


Course Course Title 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17
SIO 1 The Planets WI19 Pommier WI18_Pommier  
SIO 3 Life in the Oceans WI19 Aburto    
SIO 10 The Earth SP19 Borsa SP18_Borsa SP17_Borsa
SIO 12 History of the Earth and Evolution      
SIO 15 Natural Disasters FA18_Laske FA17_Laske FA16_Laske
SIO 16 Geology of the National Parks   SP18_Gee SP17_Gee
SIO 20 The Atmosphere WI19 Norris, J. WI18_Norris, J. WI17_Norris, J.
SIO 25 Climate Change and Society WI19 Teranes WI18_Teranes WI17_Teranes
SIO 30 The Oceans   S117 _Inman / FA17_Castillo FA16_Castillo
SIO 35 Water      
SIO 40 Life and Climate on Earth   FA17_Barbeau FA16_Barbeau
SIO 45 Volcanoes WI19 Cook S117_Cook / WI18_Cook  
SIO 50 Introduction to Earth and Environmental Sciences      
SIO 60 Experiences in Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences FA18_Lucas/Ricke FA17_Lucas/Vanos  
SIO 87 Freshman Seminar FA18_Norris, J.    
SIO 90 Undergraduate Seminar   FA17_Harada  
SIO 96 Frontiers in Earth Sciences      
SIO 100 Introduction to Field Methods      
SIO 101 California Coastal Oceanography      
SIO 102 Introduction to Geochemistry WI19 Kastner WI18_Castillo/Day WI17_Kastner
SIO 103 Introduction to Geophysics WI19 Masters    
SIO 104 Paleobiology and History of Life     SP17_R. Norris
SIO 105 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy      
SIO 106 Introduction to Hydrogeology      
SIO 108 Introduction to Paleoclimatology   FA17_Teranes FA16_Teranes
SIO 109 Bending Curve: Climate Change   WI17_Ramanathan/Forman SP17_Ramanathan/Forman
SIO 110 Introduction to GIS and GPS for Scientists   WI18_Minster WI17_Minster
SIO 111 Introduction to Ocean Waves      
SIO 113 Introduction to Computational Earth Science WI19 Tauxe WI18_Tauxe SP17_Tauxe
SIO 114 Analysis of Environmental Justice      
SIO 115 Ice and the Climate System WI19 Fricker    
SIO 116 Climate Change & Global Health   WI18_Benmarhnia  
SIO 117 The Physical Basis of Global Warming     FA16_Keeling
SIO 119 Physics and Chemistry of the Oceans WI19 Gille WI18_Gille/Andersson WI17_Gille/Andersson
SIO 120 Introduction to Mineralogy WI19 Cook WI18_Cook  
SIO 121 Biology of the Cryosphere   SP18_Bowman  
SIO 122 Ecological Development Biology      
SIO 123 Microbial Environmental Systems Biology     FA16_Allen, A.
SIO 124 Marine Natural Products   SP18_Jensen SP17_Jensen
SIO 125 Biomechanics of Marine Life     SP17_Taylor
SIO 126 Marine Microbiology WI19 Palenik WI18_Palenik WI17_Palenik
SIO 126L Marine Microbiology Laboratory      
SIO 127 Marine Molecular Ecology SP19 Burton SP18_Burton SP17_Burton
SIO 128 Microbial Life in Extreme Environments      
SIO 129 Marine Chemical Ecology     WI17_Fenical
SIO 131 Parasitology   SP18_Hechinger  
SIO 132 Introduction to Marine Biology     FA16_Burton
SIO 133 Marine Mammal Biology   SP18_Hildebrand/Ballance SP17_Hildebrand/Ballance
SIO 134 Introduction to Biological Oceanography WI19 Barton WI18_Landry/Barton WI17_Landry
SIO 135 Satellite Remote Sensing SP19 Sandwell SP18_Sandwell SP17_Sandwell
SIO 136 Marine Biology Laboratory      
SIO 138 The Coral Reef Environment      
SIO 139 Current Research in Marine Biology WI19 Palenik WI18_Palenik  
SIO 141 Chemical Principles of Marine Systems      
SIO 143 Ocean Acidification SP19 Andersson   WI17_Andersson
SIO 144 Introduction to Isotope Geochemistry   WI18_Castillo/Chin WI17_Castillo/Severinghaus
SIO 147 Applications of Phylogenetics   WI18_Rouse  
SIO 152 Petrology and Petrography   SP18_Day SP17_Day
SIO 155 Whole Earth Geochemistry      
SIO 160 Introduction to Tectonics   SP18_Fialko SP17_Fialko
SIO 162 Structural Geology      
SIO 164 Introduction to Marine Archeology WI19 Rivera    
SIO 167 Introduction to Geoarcheology WI19 Rivera    
SIO 170 Introduction to Volcanology      
SIO 170L Introduction to Volcanology Field Experience      
SIO 171 Introduction to Physical Oceanography FA18_Rudnick    
SIO 172 Introduction to Atmospheric Science WI19 Evan WI18_Evan  
SIO 173

SIO 173:  Dynamics of the Atmosphere and Climate

    SP17_J. Norris/Xie
SIO 174

Chemistry of the Ocean and Atmosphere

SP19 Severinghaus    
SIO 176

Observational Physical Oceanography

SP19 Straneo    
SIO 177 Fluid Mechanics  FA18_Becker    
SIO 178 Geophyiscal Fluid Dynamics WI19 Becker WI18_Becker  

SIO 179

Marine Instramental Methods WI19 Martz    
SIO 180 Communicating Science to Informal Audiences WI19 Brandon    
SIO 181 Marine Biochemistry SP19 Tresguerres SP18_Treguerres SP17_Treguerres
SIO 182 Environmental and Exploration Geophysics SP19 Constable    
SIO 183 Phycology: Marine Plant Biology   WI18_Smith  
SIO 184 Marine Invertebrates     WI17_Rouse
SIO 187 Statistical Methods in Marine Biology   WI18_Sandin  
SIO 188 Biology of Fishes WI19 Hastings WI18_Hasting  
SIO 189 Pollution, Environment and Health     FA16_Hamdoun
SIO 190 Special Topics in Earth Sciences      
SIO 192 Senior Seminar in Scripps Institution of Oceanography     FA16_Hughes
SIO 209 Machine Learnig for Physical Applications SP19 Gerstoft    
SIOC 200A Computational Ocean Acoustics and Signal Processing I      
SIOC 200B Computational Ocean Acoustics and Signal Processing II     WI17_Kuperman
SIOC 200C Computational Ocean Acoustics and Signal Processing III      
SIOC 201 Geological Record of Climate Change      
SIOC 202A Fundamentals of Wave Physics WI19 Stramski WI18_Kuperman/ Feddersen  
SIOC 202B Fundamentals of Wave Physics   SP18_Stramski/J. Hildebrand SP17_Stramski
SIOC 203A Introduction to Applied Mathematics I     FA15_LlewellynSmith
SIOC 203B Introduction to Applied Mathematics II WI19 Smith   WI17_LlewellynSmith
SIOC 203C Introduction to Applied Mathematics III SP19 Young    
SIOC 204 Acoustics   SP18_Buckingham  
SIOC 206 Land Surface Hydrology      
SIOC 207A Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing      
SIOC 207B Digital Signal Processing I      
SIOC 207C Digital Signal Processing II      
SIOC 207D Array Processing      
SIOC 208 Seminar in Applied Ocean Sciences    

FA16_Stramski / WI17_Stramski 


SIOC 209 Special Topics: Fall Quarter FA17_Giddings / FA17_Severinghaus-Straneo FA17_Giddings FA16_Giddings / FA16_Thompson
SIOC 209 Special Topics: Winter Quarter   WI18_Thompson  
SIOC 209 Special Topics: Spring Quarter   SP18_Xie


SIOC 210 Physical Oceanography   FA17_Purkey/Mackinnon FA16_Talley
SIOC 211A Ocean Waves I WI19 Falk WI18_Feddersen WI17_Feddersen
SIOC 211B Ocean Waves II      
SIOC 212A Geophysical Fluid Dynamics I WI19 Eisenman   WI17_Eisenman
SIOC 212B Geophysical Fluid Dynamics II SP19 Cessi SP18_Cessi  
SIOC 213 Turbulence and Mixing      
SIOC 214A Introduction to Fluid Mechanics   FA17_Giddings FA16_Giddings/Hendershott
SIOC 214B Environmental Fluid Dynamics      
SIOC 215A Applied Mathematics for Oceanographers I      
SIOC 215B Applied Mathematics for Oceanographers II      
SIOB 215C Applied Mathematics for Oceanographers III      
SIOC 216 Introduction to the Physics of Complex Systems   WI18_Werner  
SIOC 217A Atmospheric and Climate Sciences I   FA17_Russell FA16_Russell
SIOC 217B Atmospheric and Climate Sciences II WI19 Xie WI18_Eisenman WI17_Norris, J.
SIOC 217C Atmospheric and Climate Sciences III     SP17_Ramanathan / J. Norris
SIOC 217D Atmospheric and Climate Sciences IV      
SIOC 218 Cloud Dynamics and Climate      
SIOC 218A Observational Methods      
SIOC 218B Practical Methods at Sea      
SIOC 219 Special Topics in Physical Oceanography: Fall Quarter FA18_Lucas   FA16_Alford
SIOC 219 Special Topics in Physical Oceanography: Winter Quarter   WI18_Alford/Send  
SIOC 219 Special Topics in Physical Oceanography: Spring Quarter      
SIOC 219 Observational Oceanography Seminar   SP18_Feddersen SP17_Feddersen
SIOC 219 Theoretical Oceanography Seminar      
SIOC 220 Observations of Large-Scale Ocean Circulation SP19 Purkey   SP17_Roemmich
SIOC 221A Analysis of Physical Oceanographic Data (A) FA18_Gille FA17_Gille FA16_Gille
SIOC 221B Analysis of Physical Oceanographic Data (B) WI19 Rudnick    
SIOC 221C Data Analysis Laboratory FA18_Alford FA17_Alford FA16_Alford
SIOC 222 Underwater Bioacoustics     SP17_Baumann-Pickering/Sirovic
SIOC 235 Ocean Atmosphere Interaction SP19 Xie   SP17_Xie
SIOC 237A Introduction to Ocean Optics     SP17_Stramski
SIOC 237B Ocean Color Remote Sensing      
SIOC 237C Optical-Biological Interactions in the Ocean   SP18_Stramski  
SIOC 238 Sensor Networks      
SIOC 241 Advanced Signal Processing      
SIOC 250 Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics FA18_Norris, J.   FA16_Norris, J.
SIOC 251 Radiation in the Atmosphere      
SIOC 254 Science of Climate Change      
SIOC 261 Nearshore Physical Oceanography     SP17_Feddersen
SIOC 267 Biogeochemistry      
SIOC 290S Climate Math   S317_Chen  S316_Chen
SIOC 291S @Climate   S317 S316
SIOC 292 Introduction to Climate Science & Policy     WI17_Conway
SIOC 296 Special Topics: Climate Science & Policy Forum WI19 Jensen   WI17_Russell
SIOG 222

Introduction to Industry Seismic Reflection Methods and Applications

SIOG 223A Geophysical Data Analysis I      
SIOG 223B Geophysical Data Analysis II   SP18_Agnew  
SIOG 224 Internal Constitution of the Earth      
SIOG 225 Physics of Earth Materials   FA17_Agnew FA16_Fialko
SIOG 226 Introduction to Marine Geophysics      
SIOG 227A Introduction to Seismology WI19 Shearer WI18_Shearer WI17_Shearer
SIOG 227B Advanced Seismology I      
SIOG 227C Advanced Seismology II      
SIOG 228 Research Seminar WI19 Teranes WI18_Castillo / SP18_Castillo FA16_Castillo
SIOG 229 Gravity and Geomagnetism WI19 Borsa/C. Constable WI18_Borsa/C. Constable  
SIOG 230 Introduction to Inverse Theory     FA16_Constable, C.
SIOG 231 Introduction to EM Methods in Geophysics      
SIOG 232 Ethical and Professional Science      
SIOG 233 Introduction to Computing at SIO FA18_Shearer FA17_Shearer FA16_Shearer
SIOG 234 Geodynamics FA18_Sandwell    
SIOG 236 Satellite Remote Sensing SP19 Sandwell SP18_Sandwell SP17_Sandwell
SIOG 237 Space Geodesy Seminar WI19 Fialko    
SIOG 239 Special Topics in Geophysics: Fall Quarter  

FA17_Chin / FA17_Sandwell/S. Constable

SIOG 239 Special Topics in Geophysics: Winter Quarter     WI17_Stegman/Blackman
SIOG 239 Special Topics in Geophysics: Spring Quarter     SP17_Stegman/Blackman
SIOG 240 Marine Geology   FA17_Charles/Gee  
SIOG 242 Geochronologic Methods and Applications SP19 Willenbring    
SIOG 244 Shape and Structure of the Ocean Floor     SP17_Lonsdale
SIOG 245 Marine Sediments-Paleo Proxies   SP18_Kastner  
SIOG 246 Global Tectonics and Basin Formation      
SIOG 247 Rock Magnetism and Paleomagnetism   SP18_Tauxe/Gee  
SIOG 249 Special Topics in Marine Geology   FA17_Sclater  
SIOG 251 Whole Earth Geochemistry      
SIOG 252A Introduction to Isotope Geochemistry   WI18_Castillo/Chin WI17_Castillo/Severinghaus
SIOG 252B Advanced Isotope Geochemistry I      
SIOG 252C Advanced Isotope Geochemistry II      
SIOG 253 Interactions of Oceanic Plates and the California Margin   FA17_Lonsdale FA16_Lonsdale
SIOG 255 Paleobiology and History of Life      
SIOG 255A Topics in Paleobiology and History of Life      
SIOG 257 Seminar in Petrology      
SIOG 260 Marine Chemistry   WI18_Barbeau/Martz  
SIOG 261 Introduction to Rheology of Solid Earth   SP18_Pommier  
SIOG 263 Aqueous Chemistry      
SIOG 268 Seminar in Geochemistry and Marine Chemistry      
SIOG 269 Special Topics in Marine Chemistry: Fall Quarter      
SIOG 269 Special Topics in Marine Chemistry: Winter Quarter     WI17_Andersson
SIOG 269 Special Topics in Marine Chemistry: Spring Quarter      
SIOG 275 Paleoethnobotany FA18_d'Alpoim Guedes    
SIOB 242A Marine Biotechnology I: Tools and Methods   FA17_Fenical/L.Gerwick  
SIOB 242B Marine Biotechnology II: Applications   WI18_Jensen/Fenical  
SIOB 242C Marine Biotechnology III: Intro to Bioinformatics     SP17_Gassterland
SIOB 243 Marine Paleoecology      
SIOB 248 Evolution of Earth's Biosphere      
SIOB 262 Marine Chemical Biology Seminar WI19 Moore WI18_W.Gerwick / SP18_Jensen FA16_Fenical / WI17_Jensen
SIOB 264 Biosynthesis of Marine Natural Products      
SIOB 270 Pelagic Ecology      
SIOB 270A Fisheries Oceanography      
SIOB 271 Marine Zooplankton      
SIOB 272 Advanced Statistical Techniques WI19 Sandin    
SIOB 273 Professional Ethics in Science     SP17_Dayton / Leichter
SIOB 274 Natural History Below the Tides      
SIOB 275A Benthic Ecology      
SIOB 275B Natural History of Coastal Habitats      
SIOB 276 Quantitative Theory of Populations and Communities   FA17_Sugihara  
SIOB 276L Quantitative Ecology Project Lab SP19 Sugihara   WI17_Sugihara
SIOB 277 Deep-Sea Biology   FA17_Levin  
SIO 278 

Survey Design and Analysis 

WI19 Brazier    
SIO 278 Thesis Proposal Writing SP19 Franks    
SIOB 278 Seminar in Ocean Biosciences: Fall Quarter     FA16_Azam
SIOB 278 Seminar in Ocean Biosciences: Winter Quarter   WI18_Azam  
SIOB 278 Seminar in Ocean Biosciences: Spring Quarter    


SP17_Allen, E.

SIOB 280 Biological Oceanography     FA16_Franks
SIOB 281 Environmental Physiology and Biochemistry of Marine Organisms   SP18_Tresguerres  
SIOB 282 Phytoplankton Diversity     FA16_Palenik
SIOB 283 Phycology: Marine Plant Biology      
SIOB 284 Marine Invertebrates     WI17_Rouse
SIOB 285 Physical-Biological Interactions SP19 Franks   SP17_Franks
SIOB 286 Marine Science, Economics and Policy WI19 Sandin WI18_Sandin WI17_Levin
SIOB 287A Marine Microbial Ecology     SP17_Azam
SIOB 287B Microbial Physiology      
SIOB 288 Marine Microbial Laboratory      
SIOB 289 Pollution, Environment, and Health     FA16_Hamdoun
SIOB 290 Marine Biology     WI17_Holland
SIOB 291 Biology Graduate Research Presentations      
SIOB 292 Communicating Science to Informal Audiences      
SIOB 293 Applications of Phylogenetics      
SIOB 294 Biology of Fishes WI19 Hastings WI18_Hastings  
SIOB 295 Behavior and Ecology of Fishes     SP17_Hastings
SIOB 296 Special Topics in Marine Biology: Fall Quarter WI19 Archer   FA16_Mengerink / FA16_Burton
SIOB 296 Special Topics in Marine Biology: Winter Quarter   WI18_Archer WI17_Hughes
SIOB 296 Special Topics in Marine Biology: Spring Quarter    

SP17_Archer / SP17_Gerwick


SIO 295S Introduction to Marine Biodiversity and Conservation—Seminar      
SIO 295LS Introduction to Marine Biodiversity and Conservation—Lab