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Physical Street Addresses

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

8622 Kennel Way
La Jolla, CA 92037

Biological Grade

Hubbs Hall 8750 Biological Grade
Hubbs Hall Conference Center 8752 Biological Grade
Eckart Building 8755 Biological Grade
IGPP, Revelle Lab Bldg. 2000 8765 Biological Grade
IGPP, Revelle Lab Bldg. 3000 8775 Biological Grade
IGPP, Revelle Lab Bldg. 4000 8785 Biological Grade
IGPP, Revelle Lab Bldg. 1000 8795 Biological Grade
IGPP, Munk Laboratory 8800 Biological Grade
Hydraulics Laboratory 8825 Biological Grade
T-25 8830 Biological Grade
Martin Johnson House/T-29 8840 Biological Grade
T-30 8850 Biological Grade
Isaacs Hall 8855 Biological Grade
T-31 8860 Biological Grade
MESOM 8880 Biological Grade

Kennel Way

Surfside 8606 Kennel Way
Scripps Seaside Forum 8610 Kennel Way
Lifeguard Tower 8614 Kennel Way
Sverdrup Hall 8615 Kennel Way
Director's Office 8620 Kennel Way
New Scripps Building 8622 Kennel Way
Sumner Auditorium 8625 Kennel Way
Old Scripps Building 8630 Kennel Way
Ritter Hall 8635 Kennel Way
Experimental Aquarium/Kaplan Lab 8645 Kennel Way
Scripps Pier 8648 Kennel Way
Center for Coastal Studies 8650 Kennel Way
Scholander Hall 8655 Kennel Way
MSDC Building A 8660 Kennel Way
MSDC Building B 8661 Kennel Way
MSDC Building C 8662 Kennel Way
MSDC Building D 8664 Kennel Way

Naga Lane

Old Director's House/T-16 8670 Naga Lane
Vaughan Hall 8675 Naga Lane

Downwind Way

Nori 2205 Downwind Way
Rockweed 2215 Downwind Way
Limu 2225 Downwind Way
Kelp 2265 Downwind Way
Eelgrass 2275 Downwind Way
Corallina 2285 Downwind Way
DSDP East 2310 Downwind Way
ODP Core Bldg. 2320 Downwind Way
DSDP Bldg. C 2330 Downwind Way
DSDP West 2350 Downwind Way

Expedition Way

Birch Aquarium 2300 Expedition Way
Southwest Geodesic Dome 2440 Expedition Way
Northeast Geodesic Dome 2450 Expedition Way
Electromagnetics Res. Facility 2460 Expedition Way

La Jolla Shores Drive

Building D 8604 La Jolla Shores Drive (will change to 8904)

Pomerado Road

Elliot Field Storage Facility 10205 Pomerado Road, San Diego

Shellback Way

Nierenberg Hall 8810 Shellback Way
Spiess Hall 8820 Shellback Way
Keck - OAR Bldg. 1/Small Lab. 8861 Shellback Way
Keck - OAR Bldg. 2 8851 Shellback Way
Keck - OAR Bldg. 3/Large Lab. 8831 Shellback Way

Mt. Soledad

Soledad Lab 2 7110 Via Capri, San Diego
Soledad Lab 3 7120 Via Capri, San Diego